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Why Grapegarden?

"But one day it happened that two giants, one coming from Tras-os-Montes and the other of Beira Alta, more giants in the soul than the body, climbed the mountains, down the slopes and after looking the river valleys and prove the nectar of wild fruit, understood that land and that river were, for its rough greatness worthy of the giants toil and decided to get the pick to the cliffs;. reduce them to the ground; protect his "veins" narrow to "terraced fields "freestone, and planting on slopes, which were fire brambles, the first vine cuttings.

When, later, they returned, they saw with surprise that the vines and the grapes carried have produced a heady liquor, which gave them to the steps lightness and happiness to souls.

Another and still another, all giants, came brought by fame and, panting, bent on the ground, cursing and groaning, tearing hands and limbs against splintering of slates, bathing the land in sweat and blood, pulled the new shale "shafts "that bolstered with new terraced fields and what was the deserted mountain, it became a hanging garden ..."

Jaime Cortesão in Portugal - The Earth and Man (free translation)


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