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Feel the Portuguese Soul - Restaurante Cantiflas (Espinho - São João da Pesqueira)

It is land of S. João da Pesqueira, instead of Espinho, we can find out Cantinflas restaurant. Comes up and you go through a small cafe and access to the large and unpretentious dining room. A comfortable room, always the right temperature, where the table you can taste one of the best "Posta à Mirandesa" of the world...

Before Mr. Anthony and Tiago (his son), always friendly, discreet and very professional, present us with delicious entries: regional bread, cheese, "mirandela" sausage and melon with ham. All of excellent quality (we suggest, accompany Vale de Trás Douro DOC Rosé).

Enhancement by treatment specialist here is dedicated to wine. So, to follow the famous "posta à mirandesa", drink a Vale de Trás Douro DOC Red Wine served decanted in proper container and glasses that many restaurants "more urban" not yet learned to submit to their tables.

To close the meal and still sentiar able, we suggest Almond Tart with a glass of Porto Wine, always of excellent quality.

New street 13
5130-301 São João da Pesqueira

Phone: 254 484474



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