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Feel the Portuguese Soul - Restaurante Pompeu (Malaposta - Anadia)

Was still running the 50's, when Mr. Pompeu (father of the current owners) in your coffee in Bustos and where, from time to time, made some snacks for your friends decided to try to make a chicken on the barbecue. Such was the success that quickly grew to fame and Bustos became the destination diners on weekends to prove such "chicken to Pompey."

Already in the 60 Pompey changes to the existing facilities in Malaposta, Anadia, a beautiful building that had once been an ancient Post Station (called Mala-Posta) in the first road that linked Lisbon and Porto.

The facilities of an old Mala-Posta, . So Pompey in the walls depicting find tile panels to Bag-put, depicting the life in those days. Are the teams of horses and hay barns at a time when the trip Lisbon-Porto, could exceed 34 hours.

We took the Menu and found that there are cod, steaks or rooster "chanfana", but the king dish is the chicken on the barbecue - "Franguito à Pompeu." Little, delicious, juicy (it can be seen why this house still boasts a reputation for best chicken in barbecue Portugal). To taste properly, it is best to undress of prejudices and grab the chicken by hand.

Before, and instead of soup, you can still enjoy a tasty "rice kids."

For the most courageous, another of the symbols of this restaurant is the "cutlet à Pompeu" (of beef and grilled).

National Road 1
3780-294 Anadia

Phone: 231 512653



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